Welcome to the New Mexico Touring Society Safety Information web page.  Here you will find the latest information from the Safety Committee.  NMTS is a terrific group to ride with and overall has a good safety record.  However, you can never be too safe.  The NMTS Safety Committee's goal is to make a good thing better.


Please send your suggestions, comments, etc. to  safety@nmts.

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2 Jan 18
Nov 17 Railroad Crossings
Oct 17 Helmet Safety
Sep 17 Is Riding Safe?
Aug 17 Ride waiver
Jun 17 Sunday on the Bosque Trail
May 17 Share the Road
Apr 17 Science of being Seen # 3
Mar 17 Science of Being Seen # 2
Feb 17 Science of Being Seen # 1
Jan 17 Ride Safe
Previous Freewheel Safety Articles
How to Calculate Your Safety Index
        "The Rob Oakes Equation"

RF = BMS +  RPS  +  RC  +  WXC  +  VTD  +  RSC  +  RV

       NMTS Jan 22 Dinner Meeting
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