Welcome to the New Mexico Touring Society Safety Information web page.  Here you will find the latest information from the Safety Committee.  NMTS is a terrific group to ride with and overall has a good safety record.  However, you can never be too safe.  The NMTS Safety Committee's goal is to make a good thing better.


Please send your suggestions, comments, etc. to  safety@nmts.

1152 MST
1 Feb 17
Lessons Learned

Each one of us has had an experience where either we did somthing wrong
or something else happed that nearly caused us to have an accident.  From
these experience we can "learn a lesson" that will make our future riding safer.

Each month an NMTS member will share with us a "lesson learned."
Dec 16 Safety In Numbers
Nov 16 Ride Fixation
Oct 16 Riding Intersections
Sep 16 Ride Leadership
Aug 16 Ride leadership
Jul 16 Hot Weather Tips
Jun 16 Hot Weather Riding Tips
May 16 ID Stuff to Ride With
Apr 16 Stuff Happens
Mar 16 Riding Safely on Bike Paths
Previous Lessons Learned
The Science of Being Seen: A Guide to Safer Riding
What matters and why when sharing the road
by Joe Lindley Heartcycle Bicycle Touring Club